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Truck drivers also cause accident when:

  • They are impaired because of drugs or alcohol
  • They are distracted by a phone or other things as they drive
  • They are fatigued and cannot concentrate on the road

There are many truck drivers that violate traffic rules set by the FMCSA, because they want to reach their destinations at the set time so as not to annoy their employers or clients.

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When to Call a Truck Accident Attorney

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Recovering Compensation

Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Accidents

You will only be eligible for compensation if you can prove that the accident was caused by the truck driver’s negligence. If something else unrelated to the truck led to your accident, then you cannot sue the truck driver. But if the truck driver is responsible then you can sue:

  • The company whose products were in the truck or
  • The owner of the truck
  • The company that leased the truck to the company
  • Manufacturer of the truck
  • Driver of the truck

You only have 5 years to file a lawsuit against the negligent party that caused your accident. If you do not file your case within 5 years, then your case will no longer be valid. It is likely that you may find yourself having to sue a big trucking company that has a team of experienced lawyers representing it. You do not have to worry about that if the evidence is on your side. All you need is a resourceful and experienced lawyer than can stand up to those big companies and their insurers so that you can get a substantial settlement.

Losses You Can Recover

You can recover the following losses if you were injured in a truck accident:

  • Loss of quality of life
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Emotional and physical suffering
  • Property damage

What Determines A Settlement In An 18-Wheeler Accident

Since each accident is unique, you may not receive the amount of compensation another victim received in a similar case. There are certain factors that determine the settlement for a case. A case where the at-fault driver had no prior traffic citations may not settle in the same way a case involving a drunk driver. In fact, you may get a bigger settlement if the at-fault driver was drunk, or if the accident resulted in you getting serious life changing injuries. This may not be the case in a situation where you are partly to blame for the accident. Missouri is a “pure comparative fault state”, which means that your compensation will be reduced by the proportionate amount for which you were responsible for the accident. For example, if you were to get $25,000 for bodily injury but were 20 percent responsible for the accident, the amount will be reduced by $5,000. There are many other factors that determine the settlement for an 18-Wheeler or Commercial Vehicle accident case. Contact our lawyers for more information.

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