Attorney David Granat

David Granat is the founder of The Granat Law Office, LLC. He is a St. Louis native with a strong background in auto accident & personal injury law.

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We focus on personal injury law, more specifically, we help people who have been injured in an auto accident in the St. Louis, MO area. Call for a case evaluation.

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Our preferred method of communication is via phone call at (314) 222-7777. You can also use any contact form on this website to send us a quick message.

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The Granat Law Office, LLC - Personal Injury Law Firm

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer Reviews

5-Star Car Accident Attorney Review | J. Tomberlin

David highlights the difference between being an attorney and an advocate. There are lots of attorneys who will take your money and some that will even do a good job. David is more than that. David takes the extra time needed to work towards his client's goals, not his goals, and the to keep that focus at the forefront of his practice. Because of that, his client's know he is their advocate, their voice in the struggle and making sure they get the help they both in and out of the courtroom. If you need help in Missouri, make David your first call.

5-Star Auto Accident Lawyer Review | K.D.

Granat Law Firm Office is the only Law office I felt like I really was being treated like a person and not a case. Atty David took personal interest in my well being and also made sure that his staff took the same interest in me. Even if he's a thousand miles away he makes sure you're doing well, he return calls asap, if he can't reach you on one number he'll try another number that you'd provided. He'll fight for you all the way, I don't think he's human because he seems tireless when it comes to working for you, he is always working for you until he and you reach your ultimate satisfaction. Thank you Granat Law Firm and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

5-Star Review on Google | Sherri J.

Went to this law firm and was extremely satisfied with the results achieved. I’d also add that this is the easiest lawyer to get ahold of. David gave me his cell phone and was available evenings and weekends. He even answered his phone and met with us on a Sunday.

Free Consultation - Auto Accident Attorney in St. Louis

The Granat Law Office helps clients in the St. Louis area who have been injured in an auto accident. Typically, people call us "car accident lawyers," but we also help motorcycle accident victims and those who have been injured in an 18-Wheeler truck or commercial vehicle accident.

When To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

When you are injured in an accident, or worse, there may not be enough time for you to consider how your family will be able to financially recover from this event. A personal injury lawyer in St. Louis can help.

Best St Louis Car Accident Lawyer 2018

Serious injury motor vehicle accidents often result in huge medical bills, and you may need an attorney to help you fight the insurance company (who may not want to fully compensate you for your injuries). Our St. Louis auto accident attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws surrounding your case and will handle all of the necessary legal filings against the insurance companies and any other at fault / negligent parties who have injured you. We will act on your behalf.

Dealing With Auto Insurance Adjusters

How many times have injured clients mistakenly thought that the insurance adjuster was on their side? The insurance adjusters convince you that they will take care of you with their kind words and caring demeanor, only to find that some obscure loophole allows them to give you some ridiculous low-ball settlement offer. And we're talking about your insurance company...we haven't even addressed the other party's insurance company yet.

The bottom line is that a lot of these insurance companies (and the insurance adjuster) are working on getting you the lowest settlement possible (to save money) while also trying to convince you that they are looking out for your best interests. But, the truth of the matter is that your lawyers only job is to protect your best interests, and The Granat Law Office, LLC will fight to get you the highest value possible for your injuries.

Should You Talk to The Other Party's Insurance Company?

Experience shows us that giving a recorded statement to the other party's insurance company can be a very bad idea. Always consult with your attorney before you talk to the insurance company. Many times they'll take your statement and go over every word with a microscope, looking for that "loophole" in your statement that allows them to deny coverage. One small out of place word or phrase can cost you a settlement, and this is exactly what the insurance companies are trained to do.

The insurance adjusters may sound sympathetic or sad about your injuries, but the reality is that it's best for you to let your attorney handle communications with the insurance company and to only give them the most basic information about your accident. In any case, don't casually converse with the insurance company...they're looking for loopholes.

  • Insurance companies are trying to prove that you are responsible for the accident.
  • Insurance companies are trying to prove that you've been dishonest about the amount or severity of your losses & injuries.
  • If they ask for a recorded statement, tell them "no thank you, you can speak to my lawyer, Attorney David Granat."

You've already been injured in a car crash, don't become a victim of the insurance company too.

St. Louis Car Wreck Attorney Reviews

Dallas B.
A+ Professional staff, professional results. -Personal Injury Attorney Review on Google
Susana U.
(Translated by Google) David is very professional and has several recognitions for the work he does and the interest he always has in helping his clients. Excellent. -Review on Google

The Insurance Company Made A Settlement Offer...

When your claim gets filed, the insurance company will make make a settlement offer. This is when you really need a car crash injury lawyer like David Granat on your side.

Many of your clients are tempted to accept that first settlement offer, they just want this whole ordeal behind them. But you have to realize that they insurance company is unlikely to offer all that is owed to you under the law. And accepting the initial settlement offer could be a costly mistake that will leave your family unable to pay for the medical bills and other future expenses related to injuries stemming from this collision. The business of insurance companies is to make a profit off of their policy holders, i.e., you. They make money from your pain and suffering, and that's a shame. So don't accept the initial offer without talking to the lawyers in our office, who can help you get what is rightfully yours.

The above scenario is exactly why you need to hire a St. Louis Accident Lawyer. We will review any insurance company offer, and if it isn't a good deal, then we'll fight for you and convince the insurance company to make a better settlement offer. One that will be large enough to cover your expenses, your medical bills, and losses.

This is why many insurance companies are afraid of lawyers. They know we understand their profit scheme. They know we will fight them to make them offer a fair settlement. This is why you need auto accident lawyers in St. Louis to work with you even if you have (or the other party has) car insurance.

Typical Life Cycle of a St. Louis Car Accident Claim

  1. Report the accident to the police. Photograph everything...the scene, the injuries, the damaged vehicles. Also try to get witness contact info.
  2. See a doctor. Even if you don't feel seriously injured...go get a doctor's medical evaluation. Keep in mind that your medical care is of the utmost importance and will be on-going during this entire process (and likely well after the case is adjudicated).
  3. Call Attorney David Granat. He'll help you open an insurance claim and notify the insurance companies.
  4. Your attorney will investigate the case. We'll obtain legal & medical records, police reports and all other necessary info.
  5. Negotiate! Your attorney will present an offer to the insurance company. There will be offers and counter-offers. Your attorney will spearhead this entire process. And if no FAIR agreement can be reached, we may file a lawsuit, and the case may have to see a jury trial.
  6. The settlement. Once a settlement agreement is reached there will be a payout. First hospitals, doctors, medical service providers and insurance companies or anyone else who has some kind of lien against you will be reimbursed out of the settlement funds.
  7. The closing. After all reimbursements have been made, all liens cleared, you will receive the balance of the settlement as a check from your attorney's office.

Call The Granat Law Office

David Granat is quickly becoming known as the attorney for car accidents in St. Louis. It's because he cares about his clients. It's because the attorneys at The Granat Law Office, LLC will not stop fighting for you until they have exhausted every legal avenue to get what you deserve. Call our office now. We'll give you a case evaluation over the phone and we can get started working for you today.